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Re[3]: reuse easy curl handle with multi interface

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 10:15:47 +0200 (CEST)

On Tue, 19 Jul 2011, Alex Stanciu wrote:

> Looks like for FTP works fine, only fails for SFTP (at least with an in
> house certificate)

FTP and SFTP are completely different so there's no surprise to me that there
may be some differences between them.

And a minor nit: SFTP uses keys, not certificates! =)

> on closer debug i end up with the error message:
> "SSH public key authentication failed: Unable to open public key file"
> The same code works fine when i use curl_easy_perform Also with the easy
> connection the first debug line is "reusing connection ... " i don't see
> that with the multi interface

That sounds like a possible bug or something. The multi interface is just as
capable of re-using connections as the easy interface.

I think we need to get some actual code shown for this problem.

> Furthermore I found a bug in version 7.21.7 (windows) i think it is related
> to this: I rolled back to
> 7.21.0 and the exact same code worked fine

Please start a separate thread on the list with this separate problem and
please detail as much as possible what you do to trigger it. Are you using
libssh2 1.2.8?

> the only thing is that for me it happens on certain files and it's not
> random. I can setup a user and give you the path to the file if you want to
> debug into it. Maybe it's a good idea to let CURL read up the extra
> data if it doesn't create other problems. Right now upgrading to 7.21.7
> it's unsafe for us :)

How would it "read up the extra data" ?

> Off topic: thanks for this great library :)

Thanks. I and a bunch of other people are really trying our best to make
libcurl a really fine transfer solution and we are of course very glad to see
that it provides a good solution to people.

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