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[PATCH] RTSP-Authentication

From: Jim Hollinger <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 17:43:38 -0400

The attached patch files enable RTSP authentication support. This is
accomplished by adding the same call to Curl_http_output_auth() in
Curl_rtsp() that is already in Curl_http(). Code was also added to
Curl_rtsp() to output the resulting ‘Authorization’ header. Furthermore, a
conditional check was added to Curl_http_readwrite_headers() to detect the
special case where an RTSP DESCRIBE request fails to return the SDP in the
response body due to a 401 Unauthorized error.

Authentication must first be enabled with ‘CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH'. The 'username'
and 'password' can either be included in the url:
'rtsp://username:password_at_address:port/' or set via 'CURLOPT_USERPWD'.

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Received on 2011-06-01