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curl_multi_perform - how to know if data is entirely sent.

From: swathi upadhyaya <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 09:53:42 +0530


I have a send function where i would be posting HTTP request. I am using
curl_multi_perform to send the request .

sendhttpRequest() {

res = curl_multi_perform(curl);

while(still_running) {


if(dataAvailable()) {
&still_running); . } } .
return (SendStatus); // This function should return only after entire data
is sent .


But this approach will block till the http response is received.

I tried curl_multi_info_read, but this also gives CURLMSG_DONE only when
HTTP-Response is done.
I just want to make sure that data is entirely sent on socket before comming
out of send function,. but donot want to wait for HTTP response. Is there
any way to acheive this?


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