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can the multi interface not share connection caches?

From: Sorin Manolache <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 13:42:17 +0200


Is there a way to use the multi interface but keep per-easy-handle
connection caches?

Let us consider the following example:

I have two multi-stacks m1 and m2. I add an easy handle to m1 and
perform a request. Then I remove the handle from m1 and add it to m2.
Now when I'm performing a new request a new connection is opened to
the server just because I am running it from a different multi-stack.
If the connection cache were per-easy-handle, m2 would use the
connection that was opened when I performed the request using m1.

Thank you,
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Received on 2011-05-03