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Will SFTP program with libcurl impacted by SSH config file ?

From: CHEN Xiaolei A <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:05:12 +0800


   We are using libcurl (C binding) to do SFTP, and it works well, but
I got a question here.

   In Sun solaris os, client could use command sftp (a tool of openssh)
to log on remote server, and this manual way will be impacted by SSH
config file "/home/username/.ssh/config". If setting
"StrictHostKeyChecking yes" in that file, then sftp command will check
whether remote host's key exists in local "known_hosts" firstly, if
not, SFTP log on will fail.
   I did a test to check whether SFTP program using libcurl will be
impacted by that SSH config file, and the result is no. So my question

   (1) Is it possible that SFTP program using libcurl could be impacted
by that SSH config file, if I set some CURLOPT_SSH_XXXXXX in my program
   (2) If it's impossible for (1), then could I make that
"StrickHostKeyChecking yes" available in my libcurl program, through



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