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Re: IP addresses of redirected servers

From: Dirk Manske <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 20:45:56 +0100

On Tuesday 22 February 2011 20:22:34 wrote:
> There are two issues with CURLOPT_OPENSOCKETFUNCTION:
> (2) We try to be low-level socket agnostic, so we are reluctant to call
> low-level socket functions directly.

Two alternative methods to get the redirection info:

1) enable verbose mode and set debug buffer, then extract
    * Connected to xxx (ip.ip.ip.ip) port nnn (#n)
   messages. but that would be an ugly hack.

2) disable follow location and do redirection manually. I've done
   this some years ago, because I needed all performance and url data
   of all redirection steps. (Including redirection by meta-refresh from html).

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