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Re: Maximum number of parallel connections?

From: Felix E. Klee <>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 18:29:46 +0100

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 10:12 PM, Daniel Stenberg <>
> If you use that many connections (really, even you even just use them
> in the hundreds) you really should use the multi_socket anyway to
> reach proper performance:

Thanks - I consider changing to multi_socket, then.

> If you do multiple connections to the same server(s), many servers of
> course reject too many connections coming from the same client and in
> general reject connections once it reaches its limit.

Naturally. Also, many downloads in parallel slow down each individual
download. On the other hand, some servers take a long time to connect
to. A balance has to be found.
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