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SCP not supported in my version of Curl. How to fix?

From: Saqib Ali <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 01:33:03 -0500

Hi all

I'm a bit of a newbie. I'm trying to implement SCP using libcurl. I followed
the relatively idiot-proof instructions provided here:

I got it to compile and run. However when it got to the call to
curl_easy_perform(), it failed giving this error message:
* Protocol scp not supported or disabled in libcurl
* Unsupported protocol

I found someone who has experienced a similar problem here: The answerer
advised him to go to a newer version of Curl. That might be the solution for
me too.

I used curl_version_info() and gleaned the following info about my Curl

Curl Version: 7.19.3
Curl Protocols:

So is it simply a matter of moving to a newer version of Curl and then I'll
be good to go? Could people not use SFTP and SCP before version 7.19.4?

- Saqib

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