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Re: [Patches] Netrc cleanup

From: Julien Chaffraix <>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 09:44:40 -0800

>> There is also the DEBUGBUILD code used for testing that could be removed
>> if we exposed the right option to curl. I am not sure if this makes sense
>> yet and was planning to look into it.
> Yes, the existing netrc tests require DEBUGBUILD since they need to be
> forced to read a custom $HOME I believe so that they find the test .netrc
> file instead of the "actual" one.

Yes, however we use a rather static way to do so
($ENV{'CURL_DEBUG_NETRC}). There is an option in libcurl to set the
.netrc file dynamically. Unfortunately curl does not expose a way of
setting it. What I meant is that we could add a way to access this
option inside curl and remove this code altogether.

> We don't have to have those oddities with unit tests for it. Even of course
> unit tests themselves also require a certain build setup.

Exactly, I have made a quick change to enable that (the second
attachment that keeps passing the WIP netrc test). I feel like this is
a band-aid to our test system but it serves the right purpose for now.

If I don't hear any issues about them, I will proceed and push them
later this week.


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