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multi interface perf question

From: Alan Wolfe <>
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 11:55:47 -0800

Hey Guys,

I'm using the libcurl multi interface on windows and was wondering, how does
it work under the hood?

Specifically I was wondering, does it run requests on another thread or does
it just use a small time slice each frame?

I'm noticing something in my application where if i have a tight loop of
doing a curl_multi_perform (with a sleep(1) to yield the thread) that i can
do an HTTP request in about 2-3 seconds with about 3000 iterations into the

If however, i call curl_multi_perform once per frame, the HTTP request takes
about 30 seconds to finish with about 2200 calls to curl_multi_perform.

If i want it to be asynch but take less than 30 seconds, should i call
curl_multi_perform more than once per frame?

Also I was wondering Is there some rule about how much time
curl_multi_perform uses each call, or does it vary from system to system?


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