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curl with c-ares returns "(Could not contact DNS servers)"

From: D C <>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 08:28:17 +0000


I have a very specific problem to solve.

Platform info:

- MIPS, big endian
- Realtek distro: RealTek(RTL8196BU)at 2009.09.07-15:20+0800 version v1.4 [16bit](330MHz) based on kernel 2.6
- curl 7.21.3
- c-ares 1.7.4


My problem is that I get "Couldn't resolve host name" everytime curl returns. Upon further inspection in c-ares, I get the error "(Could not contact DNS servers)" from c-ares. Then, I noticed that in the function waitperform() (in hostares.c), the bitmask returned by ares_getsock is 0x0, which means, that there are no fds used by c-ares to return DNS results. That sounds strange.

I verified that the file, /etc/resolv.conf is present with a valid nameserver entry. I also verified that ares/curl can read it properly.

Any idea of what happened? Do I have the right packages for my platform? Is there a bug that we should fix?

I would appreciate any help.


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