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Re: libcurl + libevent2: Stalling if no data is received/written [new timeout patch]

From: Dirk Manske <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:13:21 +0200

> To repeat and repair the timeouts, I've used a version of multi-single.c with
> a regular timeout at 7 seconds and a connect timeout at 4, and when I connect
> to a plain "nc -l -p 9999" session I can see the timeout values first (after
> the initial 1ms timeout) show a countdown for the connect timeout to then move
> over to the total timeout (with 3 seconds left). It then exits at 7 seconds
> pretty accurately.
Yes sure, it does. But it's nothing new. I've reported that behaivor in
my both mails before.

But I got a little different behaivor, after the 4s count down is gone,
curl returns -1 instead of ~4000

* STATE: WAITPERFORM => PERFORM handle 0xcd6398; (connection #0)
curl to: 3997
curl to: 2996
curl to: 1995
curl to: -1
curl to: -1
curl to: -1
* Operation timed out after 7002 milliseconds with 0 bytes received
* Closing connection #0

Also I think, it should start with ~7000 because the connection
was already done.

Uhhh, with hiperfifo it gets worser. Now also the connect timeout
doesn't work anymore (which was ok before, e.g. in 7.21.1).
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