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Curl, threading and gethostbyname

From: Christian Mauduit <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 22:13:44 +0200 (CEST)


I'm currently developping a program that uses Curl to support HTTP client
protocol but also uses raw sockets and the famously non-reentrant

I have a mutex for my own calls gethostbyname (so that my program
serializes its calls to it, for various reasons I prefer this than using
gethostbyname_r which, among other things, isn't portable) and things went
fine first but then I had errors with core dumps and things like:

"0x0077502f in Curl_getaddrinfo_ex () from /usr/lib/"

I really suspect calls to gethostbyname to be the problem, so my first
guess was "hey, libCurl might use gethostbyname too, and my mutex does not
take this in account". So I used the same mutex so that my program never
does, at the same time, a gethostbyname on its own and a libCurl call.

Still, bug continues to show :( So I'm asking myself if the problem could
be that libCurl calls gethostbyname or such function in a separate thread.
Does that make sense? Not sure, I lock all Curl calls with my mutex.

Finally, I tried to use:
"curl_easy_setopt (curl_handle, CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL, 1);"
since I read it could help multithreaded UNIX applications (my case).

So far I didn't reproduce the problem with CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL set, but I'd
really appreciate to have some expert advice on wether this has a chance
to be the solution, experience shows threading bugs are a pain in the b*tt
to track and I could run my program for hours while bug would be still

The complete code is fairly big (available here: ), so I extracted the
"interesting" parts, that is the libCurl code and my own call to

This being said, thanks for this great library, this problem excluded, it
works like a charm, found out how to use it in minutes. I also use the
command line at work since... a very long time, it rocks!

Have a nice day,


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