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Re: cmake, msvc, openssl, sspi and Curl 7.21.0

From: Guenter <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 11:59:36 +0200

Am 13.08.2010 07:49, schrieb Paul Harris:
> First question, I found the Makefile.vc9 file, but I notice that the
> instructions for the Platform SDK (for sspi.h) give a website address
> that is no longer valid.
> So, is this platform SDK the one I want?
> "Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1"
> I also notice that the paths refer to zlib 1.2.3 (1.2.5 is now
> available), and openssl-0.9.3g (version 1.0 is now available). Should
> these be updated to the new versions?
These is all because we have nobody who loves MSVC *and* libcurl that
much that he continously contributes updates ...; our makefiles are
generated automatically as much as possible, and you can and should of
course use latest dependent libs: zlib-1.2.5, openssl-0.9.8o (not sure
if 1.0.1 does now support optimized asm builds, I remember there were
quirks), and if needed libssh-1.2.6.
Normally we do surround anyway these path defines with ifdefs so you can
easily overwrite them fom a batchfile with env vars without even need to
change the makefiles /project files; not sure if we do this for the MSVC
files too but IIRC we do.
I will update these vars, but also take a look into docs/INSTALL and
mention there that these vars just point to a version recent at time of
last change, and should be updated / overwritten with latest versions.

> As for CMake:
> I'm trying to build 7.21.0 with MSVC90 (2008), on Vista(32-bit) using CMake.
> I notice that the CMake configuration has changed someone since 7.19,
> and a lot of the things I have to enter manually (eg the OpenSSL
> libraries) are now hidden in Advanced.
> Once I had entered all the information, including the OpenSSL include
> folder, I noticed an error message that it could not find
> openssl/rand.h
> even though its definitely in the openssl include folder.
> I had a look at the CMakeLists.txt, and I suspect the reason is that
> the openssl include folder is NOT added before it tests for rand.h
> BUT, then I noticed something more serious... It looks like SSPI
> support has been commented out !
no idea, I hope Bill can chime in here? He did maintain the CMake stuff
in the past ...

> My goal is to build a static libcurl so that it can work through NTLM
> proxies. Do I need OpenSSL for SSPI+NTLM ? How can I ensure that
> SSPI is enabled ?
AFAICT you dont need OpenSSL; SSPI is realized through wincrypt APIs;
usually it is enough to compile libcurl with a define -DUSE_WINDOWS_SSPI
to enable it.


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