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Re: ANNOUNCE: curl and libcurl 7.21.1

From: Luke Dashjr <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 08:13:07 -0500

On Thursday, August 12, 2010 02:51:50 am Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> >> And to be specific, can you please tell me exactly what bug and what
> >> bugfix you're talking about?
> >
> > It is documented in libcurl as "known bug #62", and the last fix patch in
> > message id <>
> As far as I remember, we've never had a non-contriversial and complete
> patch for that problem. Can you provide the patch again please?

Attached. One person had some compiler compatibility change suggestions, which
was before the -r2 version of this patch. After that, one person wrote that it
"works fine, passes all tests, but it is still plain wrong" but never came up
with any real technical reasons *why* it was wrong.

> I have however written my own fix for the known bug #62 as I mentioned in
> my post and patch series I posted here the other day:
> ... and I didn't see any comments from anyone on that (yet).

I'll look into testing this...

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