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async IO using libCURL

From: Jogeshwar Karthik Akundi <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 22:53:58 +0530

I use libcurl easy interface to connect to my server using HTTPS with
After the connection, I would use the socket directly for my own purposes
(read/write my own non-standard data).
Till now the usage has been synchronous. Using select and performing
read/write operations.
But this makes things synchronous.
What I wanted to know is, is there an option to use CURL in an aynchronous
Write shouldn't block. I give data to write, CURL would give a
writeComplete_callback later that write is complete.
Read shouldn't block. I should get a data_callback whenever data is received
on socket.
I read up on the multi-handle but I believe it is not the solution I am
looking for.

Jogeshwar Karthik Akundi

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