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scp halts for filesize > 2GB

From: Mikael Johansson <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 15:37:34 +0200

Hello members.

I am using libCurl to transfer files via scp and have encountered a problem, file upload halts when 1803625280 bytes have been transferred. I've found a workaround but I am curious if there is another way to solve the problem.

Some background info:
OS Windows XP (32 bit)
libCurl v 7.21.0
libSSH2 v 1.2.6
openSSL 1.0.0a
zlib 1.2.5

My solution was to change in ssh.c at row 2085:
sshc->ssh_channel = libssh2_scp_send_ex(sshc->ssh_session, sftp_scp->path, (int)(data->set.new_file_perms), (size_t)data->set.infilesize, 0, 0);

sshc->ssh_channel = libssh2_scp_send64(sshc->ssh_session, sftp_scp->path, (int)(data->set.new_file_perms), data->set.infilesize, 0, 0);

libssh2_scp_send_ex has been deprecated as of v 1.2.6 in favor of libssh2_scp_send64.

The root of the problem lies in transferring large files from a 32bit OS. Are there any other known workarounds that would have worked for libCurl using libSSH2 versions prior to 1.2.6? Making changes in a thirdparty package is something I'd like to avoid as things might get messed up the next time it is upgraded.



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