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Re: Connection killed right after connect, Expire Cleared / Curl Error 56

From: m0n0 <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 10:14:10 +0200

Am Dienstag, den 03.08.2010, 20:23 +0200 schrieb Daniel Stenberg

> Does FreeMiNT have a track record of a fine socket/network layer

I'm not absolutly sure what you mean, but if you wan't to know if other
network apps work correctly, yes they do.
Including curl command line client - and many other networking tools using
MiNT's socket API.

> Which libcurl version? Can you write up a small example code that
> the
> problem? Is this happening with HTTP only or other protocols too?
> a
> fine public URL that we can run the small example code against?

libcurl version: 7.20.1
I will try to build an testcase, pass it to the users that have problems,
and if the test-tool can trigger the problem I will pass it to the list...
that can take some time.
No network protocols expect HTTP where tested. I can't say if this problem
would also be triggered by other protocols, I will try to put it into the
test case.

> It does sound odd, and I'm sorry to say that I mostly suspect the
> OS/network
> layer to not be fully socket compatible to the extent that libcurl uses
> but
> that's just an early guess.

As I saw the TCP log I was thinking the same for the first moment, but
then why:

- does the error just trigger by an chance of 70%, not always?
- does not trigger with my hardware, but with 2-3 different hardware
- What is libcurl doing that could not be supported that good by the OS?
The Network layer in MiNT is tested and works well in other programs, even
on the computers that show the described problems other network apps work
fine ( including curl command line tool).

So my hope was that someone could tell me what this expire cleared message
means... and that it could point into the right direction.
After looking into curls source, it's set from different places, and I
couldn't really figure out the meaning. At least not if "expire cleared"
shows up right after an connect...

Thanks for your answer,

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