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Re: HTTPS: "connection reset by peer" crash

From: Kamil Dudka <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 17:23:33 +0200

On Friday 02 July 2010 13:11:09 Никита Дорохин wrote:
> Not sure what the reason is but it is strange that Curl_socket_ready() 
> returns -1 (see Curl_readwrite()) and this return code is not handled (at
> least directly) in Curl_readwrite(). Maybe this is the reason?

No matter if it is related to the crash or not, we should probably check
the return value of Curl_socket_ready() within Curl_readwrite() and handle
it somehow. If the failure of system call is ignored intentionally, there
should be at least some comment that explains how it is supposed to survive.

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