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generating CHANGES with git

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 23:03:49 +0200 (CEST)

Hi friends,

Starting now, we no longer update the CHANGES file manually. I've written a
small perl script that outputs a file that is _very_ similar in look and style
as the existing CHANGES file is. It should be enough to run this script once
for every release, assuming everything goes fine. The script is named and I will commit it within shorty to ley anyone play with it
and comment on it and what not.

This does of course require that we produce detailed commit messages when we
commit. We should detail the commits as if we wanted to explain them to the
world in CHANGES. Commits should follow the well-established system used by
git-using projects. Something in the style I've already mentioned in
docs/CONTRIBUTE. See my quote below.

For all contributors: please consider providing full and detailed descriptions
with your patches, and please note that 'git format-patch' is a great tool to
use even in our project.

I've not yet figured out a way to avoid having to update RELEASE-NOTES

   A short guide to how to do fine commit messages in the curl project.

   ---- start ----
   [area]: [short line describing the main effect]

   [separate the above single line from the rest with an empty line]

   [full description, no wider than 65 columns that describes as much as
   possible as to why this change is made, and possibly what things
   it fixes and everything else that is related]
    ---- stop ----

   Don't forget to use commit --author="" if you commit someone else's work,
   and make sure that you have your own user and email setup correctly in git
   before you commit

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