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some problems in ftpuploadresume.c in examples repository. seems it couldn't esume after being interrupted.

From: CX <>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 10:41:59 +0800

hello guys,
  the example is in
  now i want to use it to test upload-resume function in my own peoject.
  i modified the remote url and the target transfered file in it and compiled the code in Ubuntu which is in VirtualBox into an executable file called ./ftpuploadresume. my server is FileZilla in windows xp. use anonymous account. no ssl/ssh support.
  the normal transmission is OK. the second time i press ctrl-z during the transmission to interrupt it , then run ./ftpuploadresume once again.
  this time client prints some info as belows:

  150 opening data channel for file transfer, restarting at offset 98304000.

  but on the server end in FileZilla server output window , filnally it gives me messaged like:
  (000004) 2009-12-25 9:53:33 - anonymous (> APPE vm_uploadresume.exe
  (000004) 2009-12-25 9:53:33 - anonymous (> 150 Opening data channel for file transfer, restarting at offset 98304000
  (000004) 2009-12-25 9:53:33 - anonymous (> 550 can't access file.
  (000004) 2009-12-25 9:53:33 - anonymous (> disconnected.

  i don't know where the problem is. why does server end tell me i can't access the file ? i have given read/write/delete/append permittions to anonymous account.

  sorry for my poor English expression. i am a novice.

  thx for any help ! :D

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