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libcurl and ssl/tls/https

From: Joshua McCracken <>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 13:01:47 -0500

Hey all!

New to the mailing list here. I've been looking for some docs on using
Transport Layer Security and it's predecessors in conjunction with libcurl.
Basically, I need to be able to make some POST requests over https and my
goal is to make this as easy as possible for those using my software, which
will be open sourced once I have implemented this functionality. I am a
little bit confused about the options I can set with curl_easy_setopts(),
and precisely which ones I would need. Looking at the example code present

hasn't helped much. Do I really need to specify all of these options? This
seems a little bit overly complicated. Forcing users to manually specify a
cert file through the command line is really not the route I would like to
go but I'm not so sure that would even be neccessary for the functionality
that I am looking for.

More than likely, I'm just not understanding what little documentation I can
find on this subject. All I need to do is write it to make a https post
request to a url specified by the user in a command line argument. I've
already taken care of everything else, and tested it thoroughly.

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