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RE: CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE erros with CURL 7.19.5

From: Pinakin Mevawala <>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 14:32:46 +0530

>> They should not have only 64 bit specific issues.

>Of course they shouldn't! But I don't think there's a 64 bit problem in
>either. Or can you tell us a way to repeat a problem with 7.19.5 on 64

I don't say that there is a 64 bit problem in 7.19.5. We are using it
assuming that it "will" be 64 bit safe. It is returning something which
we were not getting in older versions. My Only question was if old curl
is 64 bit safe then we don't really have to use 7.19.5 and put extra
checks in our code to handle this error.

>> Else if we have to use 7.19.5 (assuming that it would be 64 bit safe)
>> can we ignore this error and assume that curl behavior will be same
as in
>> old versions.

>7.19.5 is old too now. We're on 7.19.7! ;-)
When we had initially ported our code on 64 bit, 7.19.5 was the latest.
What is your final say, should we use old curl in 64 bit or 7.19.5 and
handle the error from our side. Anyhow we are not going to change curl
in our 32 bit environment and we would like to stick to old curl
versions only if they are 64 safe.
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