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Re: Select call of libcurl returns without connecting

From: <>
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 14:46:14 +0000

Yes It is not libcurl issue, but may be the way I am using libcurl. I would
request you to analyze the scenario in which curl is used. Please ignore
the code.

The setup in which I am working is this way.
I have a proxy through which I connect to internet. say
default gateway

I have an entry in my route to an external server as follows mask gw metric 1

I have developed an application that uses libcurl.
I give command "set http_proxy=" and then run libcurl application.
Now when I give a URL that represents,to my libcurl
application, its taking more time to route I guess. But if I have connected
to the internet (any URL) before connecting using libcurl, it connects much
early. Is it that libcurl request is taking more time for its first
request? Does Some initialization or routing is takes time in above

I have also observed that if ther is a url ABC, then If i connect it using
my application it does not connect immediately, but If i first run it
through media player, internet explorer, and then try using my application,
it works immediately. What could be the issue?

Best Regards

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