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Re: SSL locks installed, never called, still crashing

From: Marc Wandschneider <>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 11:37:40 +0800

2009/12/2 Daniel Stenberg <>

> On Wed, 2 Dec 2009, Marc Wandschneider wrote:
> I'm developing an app for the Mac that does multi-threaded
>> curl_easy_perform calls to https servers. As I've learned, this leads to
>> periodic crashing, and various searches have led me to subsequently install
>> OpenSSL locks (as in threaded-ssl.c).
> Is this on an older Mac OS version by any chance?
Nope, 10.5.8 as well as 10.6.2 or something like that. I've tried using the
built-in libssl and building my own by the results are always the same:

on SSL_load_error_strings, all of the locks are called, as well as in
RAND_load_file. After that, they're simply never called again.

> However, the problem is these locks are never called and the application
>> still crashes on various memory alloc/free calls in either curl_easy_perform
>> or curl_easy_cleanup.
> If the locks aren't called, it seems to be an OpenSSL issue since that's
> entirelly up to OpenSSL to do.
Besides adding "threads", is there anything I should be adding to the
OpenSSL configuration line (although this is drifting a bit away from
curl-specific stuff, perhaps there's some magic combination I'm missing).

Will keep trying out various combinations of flags and the like. Any
recommendations of places I should start snooping to see what is happening?


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