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Re: new makefile for Visual C++

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 15:05:47 +0100

2009/2/24, Piotr Dobrogost wrote:

> I'm attaching a new makefile for Visual C++. I wrote it from scratch;
> it's smaller, cleaner and more flexible.
> If someone could try it out and give me some feedback that would be great.

I'm glad to see that someone has finally put his code on the screen to
improve the MSVC makefile situation. I'll help you on this effort on
my best to make the resulting makefile as widely useful as possible.

Since there are many things that influence all this, I'll just go on
step by step with yours and others help, trying to make each step as
small as possible in order to get things right from the beginning.

First step.

A file named Makefile.msvc.head has been committed to a temporary area
in order to work on it and build up from it, without disturbing the
feature-freeze and next-release cycle. File can be viewed with this

Second step

In order to allow differentiation of builds done with different MSVC
versions some code has already been included in the Makefile.msvc.head
file. It is important if you or others could provide further MSVC
version info, besides what I've already included now, to better detect
other MSVC versions

Received on 2009-02-24