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Re: Combining Curllib - openSSL issues

From: Gisle Vanem <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:05:25 +0100

 "Ranu Gontia" <> wrote:

> 1. Download the openssl and follow the instruction given in the link to
> build openSSL

These steps only tell how to build dynamic OpenSSL libs.

> c) Copy "libeay32.dll" and "ssleay32.dll" from " C:\www\openssl\bin"
> and paste them in the path where your exe that is using Libcurl is kept.

The OP want static libs (not DLLs). I think the only way is to modify
e_os2.h in OpenSSL; make sure OPENSSL_OPT_WINDLL is *not* defined.
Then run ms\do_masm.bat (or ms\do_ms.bat) to build the <rant> crap.

Received on 2009-02-23