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Re: proxy question

From: Markus Moeller <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 20:40:33 -0000

"Daniel Stenberg" <> wrote in message
> On Wed, 11 Feb 2009, Markus Moeller wrote:
>> + rc = getnameinfo((struct sockaddr *)conn->ip_addr->ai_addr,
>> + conn->ip_addr->ai_addrlen, rname,
>> + sizeof(rname), NULL,
>> + 0, NI_NAMEREQD);
>> + if (rc) {
>> + failf(data, "getnameinfo() returned %d", rc);
>> + }
>> + if (strcmp(rname,proxy ? conn-> : conn->
>> + infof(data, "Server's real hostname is %s not %s\n",
>> + rname,proxy ? conn-> : conn->;
> I'm a bit curious about this logic. It does a reverse lookup from the IP
> address to get a name, but why is this necessary? It would be great with a
> little comment in there explaining the reasoning. How did it end up
> getting this IP "wrongly" in the first place?

This is related to how gssapi most of the time is setup. The client
requests a ticket for a principal of the format service/fqdn where fqdn is
the hostname of the system the client wants to connect to. The server
usually checks the ticket against service/gethostname(). For a normal A
record the fqdn usually matches the gethostname() result.

Now with a round robin setup or cname or global server load balancing you
will request a ticket for service/server1, service/cname or service/gslbname
where the server1, cname or gslbname does not match teh gethostname() on the

For example with

socks5.suse.home. 3600 IN CNAME opensuse11.suse.home.
opensuse11.suse.home. 3600 IN A

curl --socks5 socks5.suse.home would request a ticket rcmd/socks5.suse.home
, but the server will check against rcmd/opensuse11.suse.home as this is the
real hostname of the server and as a consquence the authentication fails.

The same is valid for negotiate authentication against a web server or http
proxy server.

Does this help ?

> Possibly more important. getnameinfo() is only present in some systems and
> you cannot assume you can use it (outside an #ifdef ENABLE_IPV6
> condition)! There are not only systems on which you need to use
> gethostbyaddr[_r]() on, but we're also optionally using c-ares for
> resolves. The fact that we don't previously do _any_ "generic"[*] reverse
> lookups within libcurl adds some trouble (== work) here since this needs a
> generic Curl_getnameinfo() or similar, that is written to work under all
> the different resolving scenarios...

I saw the use of getnameinfo in ftp.c but overlooked the #ifdef. So a
Curl_getnameinfo would make sense/

> [*] = we do a reverse lookup in the FTP code but that is within
> ENABLE_IPV6. But from how I read the FTP code we should probably be able
> to completely remove that as I see no real need for it. It is also a bit
> ugly that it doesn't use c-ares if built with it.
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