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Re: LibCurl FTP upload is running very slowly..

From: Jonathan Morley <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 08:38:22 -0000

Hi Daniel,

I am re-using the same handle, and I downloaded the latest version of
LibCurl. I don't doubt that it's probably my fault for using LibCurl
incorrectly. I was just asking for help, not trying to blame your library.

Whatever is causing it (my incorrect use of the library or something else),
it is running slowly and closing the FTP connection after every command,
despite my reusing the LibCurl easy handle. I am pretty sure it's not the
physical network or transport layer as I am using the FTP server on my local
machine via, so the request should not even be getting to the
physical layer. I set up some tests to make multiple, sequential, requests
to the FTP server (several upload operations to the latest version of
filezilla) without including the rest of my program, to make sure it wasn't
something in my main codebase. The code in the tests still opened a new
connection to the server and closed it after each curl easy perform
operation despite me reusing the easy handle.

Maybe this is filezilla, maybe it's my code somehow, whichever it is, I
tried a different library yesterday and it worked fine so I will have to use
that instead of LibCurl, at least for now, as I have time constraints around
the job I am currently doing. I will try and switch back to LibCurl and do
some more investigation when time permits.


Received on 2009-02-02