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Re: [PATCH] 64 bit "skew" detector

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 02:15:57 +0200

2008/5/27, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Here's my first attempt at a patch to detect an application that is about to
> get compiled but has a 64bit/LFS mismatch compared to libcurl.
> It's a bit rough on the edges and so, but I think the basic concepts might
> hold. I'll welcome all the feedback I can get!

Since at this date it isn't completely clear, or at least I'm not
completely sure, which way is actually the preferred/better one to
address the 64bit issues with curl_off_t and LFS...

I have started working in a patch that would address the same problem
but with a different approach than the one you are posting here. My
work will be initially based on the premise that curl_off_t should be
as big/wide as possible on any platform with an upper limit of 64bits,
and independent of the LFS setting.

Conceptually, the configure/build/install glue/logic it will use will
be the same as yours here and the one sketched, and finally not used,
for socklen_t way back in December 2007.

I'm not going to push the solution I'll work on. But I'll work on it
to try to detect pitfalls it would introduce and have something that
could also be tested or tried. If it is finally adopted its fine, If
it is modified its fine, and if it is discarded it is also fine this
means that a better approach has been used.

Now. Relative to your patch, and also to mine since it will also have
this conceptual part in common...

I feel a little bit uneasy with the name of the 'external'
configuration file include/curl/config.h mainly for the potential
confusion that another config.h and named files would
introduce to libcurl developers and newcomers as well as when
reporting potential bug/fixes.

Even when this file is actually a configuration file I think we should
use an unambiguous file name that would make it (them .in .dist) very
easy to differentiate from other configuration files.

The best I've been able to find is curlbuild.h, and I don't find it
specially appealing. Any suggestions or should we stick with config.h

Received on 2008-05-30