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Re: [PATCHES] CRL support and Issuer Check support patches

From: Arnaud Ebalard <>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 02:54:35 +0200


Daniel Stenberg <> writes:

> On Fri, 23 May 2008, Arnaud Ebalard wrote:
>> Please find attached for discussion a set of patches developed by
>> Axel (in Cc, but not on the list, so please keep him in Cc) and I
>> adding functionalities related to SSL/TLS support in libcrul:
>> - support for CRL - support for Issuer check
>> They are against version 7.18.1 and apply one on top of each other.
>> The main reason for developing the patches is a need for another set
>> of patches we have against Debian APT https method (provided by
>> apt-transport-https package), but it might be useful to others.
> Thanks!
> Apart from some very minor code style deviations I think the patches
> look fine.


A simple idea to test the behavior of the openssl and nss flavours?
Making the associated options available to curl cmd line utility might
be a good way but I'm not familiar with it. I'll take a look if I find
some time during the feature freeze. For NSS, I have no idea.

> As I'm not very good at these SSL/TLS details, can you also try to get
> your comments and descriptions into the docs for these two new
> options?

Sure. Woud a patch against curl_easy_setopt.3 man page be ok?

> Since we're currently in a feature freeze, these patches will be
> applied _after_ the 7.18.2 release - planned for release in early
> June.

Yes, I just saw that some minutes ago by looking the ML history ;-) I'll
test the patches against 7.18.2 when it is out and send updated versions
(with a new one for the doc).



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