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Re: probs. building libcurl w/gssapi on win32

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 08:00:33 +0200

2008/5/22, David Rosenstrauch wrote:

> Please note - no offense intended here. I really am trying to help. But
> please be aware: I spent time creating and submitting a patch for this. I
> then spent more time completely redoing the patch the way Yang requested.

Ok, I'll take no offense. And as well also don't be offended with what
I might write here.

How much time would it have taken for you to write whole libcurl and GSS MIT ?

And as a matter of fact I didn't request you redoing any patch, I just
gave you an idea that you could also try as a different approach to
solve _YOUR_ problem for which you are being paid.

You owe me another drink :-)))))))))))))))))))))

I now see that your first post on this matter and thread is more than
20 days old. It might be frustrating to see that there are other ways
of doing something.

I'll try to think of a third solution, so that you have more options
and fun choosing one. :-))))))))

> I'm happy to try to help here, but I don't have oodles of time to spend on
> this.

Glad you want to contribute. Now I owe you a drink. :-))))))))))))))

> Can you guys please come to an agreement soon as to how you want this
> to be patched and then let me know? Or if you can't, then can one of you
> please take over creating this patch?

Arrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg!! Now you want Dan and me fighting. This won't happen.

I think I'd rather have the drinks with Dan, and let you pay the bill. :-)))))))

> Just my $0.02 on a solution:
> The number of curl users who build from scratch is not that big, as a
> percentage of the total number of curl users. Ditto for the number of curl
> users on Windows. And ditto for the number of curl users who use it with
> MIT GSS. But the intersection of those 3 sets is extremely small - possibly
> even just 1 single person: me!

Hmmmm, you're going to have lots of fun with the debugger and the code
you have plenty of options there. ;-)

> IMO, that's how this code has managed to be
> broken for so long (I see these compile errors in v7.15.4 - and I'm even
> wondering if this code has always had compile errors on Windows).

Just to make it clear. What is actually broken are the Windows version
of the GSS MIT header files. Not libcurl.

> So given
> that there's such a small number of people impacted by this, it seems to me
> that it's not something that should warrant major amounts of debate - or
> major changes to the source code - to fix.

There's no debate comrade ;-)

No debate, no options, nothing to chose... No life.

> So IMO, just try to find this
> simplest thing that fixes this and be done with it. Again, just my $0.02,
> though.

So you want it fixed, you want it soon, and you want the best posible option.

How much do you pay ? :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))

PS: I'm _really_ trying to take this with some humor, and actually
enjoy replying these posts.

Received on 2008-05-23