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Re: c-ares built test cases 507 and 534

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 01:44:01 +0200

2008/4/29, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> I don't get it. When I run 507 and 534 here (c-ares enabled) they complete
> within a second or two. I don't seem to suffer from any 60+ seconds
> timeouts.


Hmm, very interesting. And carefully looking at other c-ares enabled
test runs in the autobuilds also reveals that those don't have the 60+
timeout problem neither.

So at least, this now narrows down to libcurl with c-ares on cygwin.

I'll update this thread when I have further info.

Received on 2008-04-30