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Re: libcurl on Symbian OS

From: Christian Vogt <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 09:10:11 +0200

on 4/23/2008 10:11 PM, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> It's not that often these days that we see (lib)curl being
> ported to new operating systems.

Maybe that's because libcurl is quite mature and does not cause any
trouble being ported?

In August 2007, I've successfully ported it to OS21, an RTOS being used
on an SH-4 processor embedded in a set-top-box chip. It was pretty
straigt-forward and worked like a charm!

Thanks for all that work you guys did, and for providing (lib)curl under
that nice "almost-do-what-you-want" licence. :-)

Received on 2008-04-24