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libcurl - Avoiding 'retrying a fresh connect'

From: Scott Rallya <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 14:20:57 -0400


   I'm having an issue with libcurl where when a connection to a backend
server terminates unexpectedly, curl tries to reissue a request to the same
hostname and port. I understand that this is usually desired behavior,
however, in the context of how I'm using the libcurl library its something
that remains undesired. If such an issue occurs, I require that libcurl not
try to re-issue the request to the same hostname and port (since I maintain
a list of other servers to connect to.) I was wondering if there was any way
to disable this behavior in libcurl?


** Connection died, retrying a fresh connect*
** Closing connection #0*
** Issue another request to this URL: 'http://********
** About to connect() to ****** port 3400 (#0)*
** Trying ***.**.**.**... * connected*
** Connected to ****** (***.**.**.**) port 3400 (#0)*

Let me know if you need more context, however, I'm limited in the amount of
logging I can share. Thank you for any advice and help.
Received on 2008-04-17