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Re: libCurl 7.16.3: Are there any problems known for timeouts set with CURLOPT_TIMEOUT ?

From: Stefan Krause <>
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2008 20:22:22 +0200

>> Does anybody have a clue what might be the reson for such a behaviour
>> or under what conditions that may happen. ?
>> Is the 9 minutes timeout a special timeout internally defined by
>> libCurl?
> No, there's no special 9 minutes timeout and it is expected to use the
> set timeout and nothing else.
OK. What should happen, when I do _not_ configure any timeout? I
observed the following: Without an explicit timeout, the operation
(e.g.) POST expired after 10 minutes (on another QNX release, 6.3.0
instead of 6.3.2) when the physical network layer was removed. Is that a
default timeout (maybe in the socket domain), which depends on the
actual OS ? Or does libCurl is intended to wait for ever without
time-outing ?
Received on 2008-04-06