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libCurl 7.16.3: Are there any problems known for timeouts set with CURLOPT_TIMEOUT ?

From: Stefan Krause <>
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 19:21:15 +0200


I observed a problem with the correct expiration of timeouts under some
conditions. E.g in situation where libCurl issues a POST request to the
server and before it completes the network connection is cut off (by
removing the cable / physical layer). In most of the cases, the timeout
expires correctly and the appropiate result is given to my application
form libcurl (result 28 / operation timeout). But I have observed one
case, where I set 2 minutes timeout and it expired after exactly 9 minutes.

Does anybody have a clue what might be the reson for such a behaviour or
under what conditions that may happen. ?
Is the 9 minutes timeout a special timeout internally defined by libCurl?
Does the correct working of the timeout feature somehow depend on the
FD_SETSIZE configuration? I have seen there has been a change made on
that configuration in my application.

The OS is QNX 6.3.2 and libcurl 7.16.3 is used.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Received on 2008-04-05