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Re: Mulit Interface is not working with proxy

From: <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 08:03:30 -0400

Mycomments are in inline


        The below code is working fine without proxy. If I enable proxy
code by
        Uncoomenting the proxy setopts code
        The code is failing to connect to proxy. I am using curl 7.18.0

Really? It contains two compiler _errors_ which makes me suspect you
didn't use exactly this code at all.
<PCReddy> I have removed some unwanted lines after pasting the code in
the email. May be while I removing the unwanted code that could have
caused the compilation errors. Sorry for the same.

When I edit it (to compile and) to use my local proxy (without any auth)
it connects and use the proxy just fine, and then it get stuck on the
bad read callback implementation I already pointed out.
<PCReddy> When I use the local proxy on the same machine, and the client
and the server on the same machine its working.
If the proxy is on another machine , the client and server on same
machine. Its not working.
If the proxy is on another machine, the client is on another machine,
the server is on another machine its not working.

What auth method does your proxy use that makes it show this error?

 <PCReddy>I am using NTLM auth and the proxyserver that I am using is
FreeProxy (from
 If you can provide the code that you have tried and working I can test
the same and get back.
 If you have a code sample for CONNECT_ONLY and using of raw socket, I
can write the documentation for the same.

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