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Re: How do I compile and install libcurl with MinGW?

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 04:59:21 +0200

Hi Samus,
> OK. If I run make from the root of the folder, something weird happens.
> The hard drive just keeps making noise, and it makes some stack dumps over
> and over and doesn't stop. If I run the Makefile at the root of the folder
hmm, you should use a mingw32 target, f.e.
mingw32-make mingw32

> using bash MSYS, then it runs ./configure, but other weird things also
that's correct.
> happen. Windows keeps telling me that programs had a problem and needed to
> close, and at the end it simply displayed error 77.
that's not correct; will look into that when time permits.

> Now, I didn't use MSYS for the Makefile.m32 inside the 'lib' folder, I
> only used make from the command prompt. I downloaded the daily snapshot, and
> the ca-bundle.h error did not appeared. The library seems to have compiled but
> I did have error 127 again. It displays:

> del /q /f > NUL 2>&1 libcurl.a
> make: [libcurl.a] Error 127 (ignored)
aaahhhh! That's ok, and only happends with first run; once libcurl.a|dll exist this error should be gone;
but I'm asking me if we should just trust that the linker correctly overwrites any existing libcurl...
perhaps we should just remove this delete command to avoid confuding people....

> Sorry, but after this I do not now what to do, and I don't know either why
> I can't compile from the makefile in the root folder (if I even need it).
as I said above you should use a mingw32 target;
open the main makefile in the root and seach for mingw32...; the simplest are:
mingw32-make mingw32
mingw32-make mingw32-clean

ok, now to your other question:
look at ./docs/examples; there's another Makefile.m32, try that most of the samples should build fine, few might not (perhaps because they use features like SSL which you might not have compiled in); let us know here, and we try to fix....

Received on 2008-04-02