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How do I compile and install libcurl with MinGW?

From: Samuel Rodríguez <>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 21:12:31 -0400

Hello all.
I am a complete noob with everything. I started learning C a year ago, and
now I want to learn how to do more advanced things, so I thought on making a
simple program that downloads a file from the internet. For that I guess I
need libcurl, so I downloaded the sources but it seems that I don't know how
to compile and install them.

I extracted the sources and I ran the Makefile.m32 that is inside the 'lib'
folder. I got an error from the included file 'ca-bundle.h' from 'url.c:
line 140'. I looked at the contents of ca-bundle.h and it is a make
generated file, but It has some kind of error. So I modified line 147 on the
Makefile.m32 to read:
@echo $(DL)/*Do not edit this file - it is created by make!$(DL) > $@
instead of:
@echo $(DL)/* Do not edit this file - it is created by make!$(DL) > $@ (note
the space between /* and Do).

After doing this it compiles correctly (for some reason make gives me this
error but it ignores it: make: [libcurl.dll] Error 127 (ignored) ). But how
do I install the libraries so I can use libcurl's functions in my programs?
Am I doing this correctly? Why does error 127 show up?


Received on 2008-04-02