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Re: Adding pacparser code to libcurl/curl

From: Dan Fandrich <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 00:02:06 -0800

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 01:05:55PM +0530, Manu Garg wrote:
> pacparser is a C library (and now a python module too) which provides
> routines that can be used to parse proxy auto-config (PAC) files.
> (project home page for quick reference:
> I had started working on
> pacparser keeping curl in mind. I use curl all the time for testing
> and I wanted curl to support pac files. Now that I have a working code
> in C, I'd like to see curl make use of it. It should not be difficult,
> I guess. There are 3 options IMHO:
> * Add pacparser code to libcurl. That way all applications using
> libcurl can make use of it. But, at the same time libcurl becomes
> dependent on spidermonkey javascript library. However, during
> compilation we can compile in pac parsing capability only if
> spidermonkey javascript library is there.
> * Add pacparser code to curl.
> * Keep pacparser as a separate library and call pacparser functions
> inside libcurl/curl code. I don't like this idea much as it will add
> another layer of dependency (libcurl -> libpacparser -> libjs).
> Considering the small size of pacparser code, I think it will make
> sense to add pacparser code itself to libcurl or curl.
> What do you guys think about it?

We had a discussion here a month ago regarding the libproxy project and
its integration with curl. I suspect the arguments made there will be
very applicable to pacparser.

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