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Re: Problem facing to compilinglibcurl on VDSP4.5

From: Ajeet kumar.S <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 11:19:23 +0530

Hi all;

           Thanks to all of you for your support by which I got some success
to port Curl library on VDK (VDSP4.5).Only some problem coming stat() in
formdata.c, file.c(file function and Mode) but Now I am not using to file
function I am dumping data in SDRAM so that problem is not the issue. After
porting in VDK it is working for http and downloading the data but for https
its specified unsupported protocol. One doubt I have curl library is
supporting SSL or not.

I defined USE_SSLEAY and USE_OPENSSL as follows:


#define USE_SSLEAY 1

#define USE_OPENSSL 1

#define SSLGEN_C 1


So many headers are missing. It is problem of VDSP how I can remove this.
How I will make curl lib with ssl on VDSP.

Thanks allot to all.



Ajeet Kumar Singh
Received on 2008-01-24