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Re: javacurl

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 01:03:39 +0100

Hi Patrick,
>> I succeeded running it on Linux (with Sun's Java only):
I've now done some massive makefile (all platforms) improvements,
and tried to use automatic make vars whenever possible;
so if we now decide to change the name of javacurl.c to f.e. curljni.c we would only need to change this in 4 places: each of the three makefiles + the load statement for in

> One add-on I was thinking of is a function telling us details about
> libcurl; I mean a JNI function which calls curl_version() - probably:

> JNIEXPORT jstring JNICALL Java_CurlGlue_jni_curl_version
> (JNIEnv *java, jobject myself)
> {
> return (*java)->NewStringUTF(java, curl_version());
> }
if your 'java-enabled' collegue can implement this within few minutes the please let him do;
I would certainly need some more time since - as I already told - I'm not the Java guru.

>> Your makefile has been renamed Makefile.mingw, and slightly updated to
I've renamed to Makefile.m32 to be in sync with libcurl.

>> handle my code upgrade ('hope it still works!). New files appear. Maybe
yes, all worked fine.
>> you will review AUTHORS and COPYING files.
hmm, do we really need AUTHORS? I think if so we should at least remove our email addresses from it;
I did this already in the ChangeLog and the source files;
keep in mind that these files get listed and indexed by Google once they are in CVS, and I guess we can commonly agree that we earn already enough spam for our OpenSource work, or? At least I do....

>> Please find my version in attachment. I hope you'll like it.

>> may be almost ready for CVS ;-)... providing we decide the module is
>> named javacurl (like dll) or curl-java (like source dir).
> As Daniel said I would stay with curl-java as project name; however the
> DLL can be named different, what about curljni.c / .dll ?
so lets decide for a better name or if we stay with the current, and lets put it into CVS - anyway I wonder if not already somewhere a repository exists since the *.c file has an $Id tag ... Daniel??

>> The only problem I have now is to produce a mingw version like yours: I
>> do not have a machine on which I can install the required
>> environment !!!
here's the new win32 archive:

I was too lazy to produce also a tar.gz; maybe you can do that when you test on Linux?
BTW. you should all files 'dos2unix -k *', that's ok; the files work also with unix lineendings on win32, and beside that WinZip does by default convert them.

greets, Guen.
Received on 2008-01-23