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Re: Yang Tse - 1.271

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 20:07:16 +0100

Hi Guen ;-)

2008/1/22, Guenter Knauf wrote:

> what was the problem with Cygwin?

buildconf and configure passes ok, but make fails with lots of errors
from openssl headers when ldap is not disabled at configuration time.
It will be addressed with pending changes.

> I'm sure last time when we were on it we agreed that OpenLDAP
> should be used on Cygwin, and that worked fine from my tests -
> how was this broken again? Or did we probably forget to remove
> the hybrid stuff?

Well, the fact is that what we previously discussed was only partially
done before releasing libcurl 7.17.1 so I still have pending work to
be committed once 7.18.0 is out.

The pending changes involve allowing the configure script to use
different ldap SDKs depending on what the user specifies for any
platform. But allowing the configure script to make also default
choices if nothing has been specified.

Configure options --with-ldap-lib=libname and
--with-lber-lib=libname will be replaced with a more generic one
--with-ldap-libs=LIBS. And --with-ldap will take a path argument
--with-ldap=DIR and ldap checks should be moved after SSL libs checks
and ...

So the change actually involves all platforms. And on cygwin it should
allow using openldap, novel ldap sdk, winldap, etc.

I should have done this for 7.18.0 but I don't want to mess it now.
Its just better to disable ldap for cygwin on 7.18.0.

Received on 2008-01-22