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Re: [PATCH] HttpOnly

From: Niklas Angebrand <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 15:12:23 +0100

Den Tuesday 22 January 2008 13.03.22 skrev Daniel Stenberg:
> I would also like to see the code also remember that the cookie _is_
> httponly like this so that it can save it again like that when it writes a
> cookiejar, as otherwise libcurl will effectively "clean" the cookie from
> this info and thus defaut the purpose of that weirdness!
> Can you please fix these issues as well while you're at it? I could
> volunteer to write up a test case or two for this.

Sure, it turned out that I needed this for myself as well. I tested this with
the perl library again, and on the server side i used the attached php script
to verify proper functionality. The cookiejar file seems to be compatible
with the version of firefox I'm using.

> Also note that I'll consider this patch to go in after the 7.18.0 release
> (planned release date this weekend) to not risk anything at this point.

Quite understandable. No hard feelings :)

Niklas Angebrand

Received on 2008-01-22