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Re: Problem facing to compilinglibcurl on VDSP4.5

From: Ajeet kumar.S <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 11:11:36 +0530

Hi all,
       Thnx to all. As you ask, LwIP stacks mean "LwIP sockets API". Yang
wrote for compilation of basic program on VDSP4.5 (As your question I passed
4 arguments in send and recv API).Yes I compiled it was working in
VDSP4.5.Actually Yang, VDSP4.0 and above version support LwIP sockets API.

<#ifdef __SOMETHING__
<#include "config-vdsp.h"

As you wrote for above include file. I also wrote configure file and
included like that.
I compiled curl library on Visual studio it is working.
As you told to mail on this topic to LwIP forum. I already mailed there but
till now did not get any reply.
I will work on your suggestion and if any issue will come on it. I will
discuss you people.
Thanks to all for your valuable time to give me.

Ajeet Kumar Singh
Received on 2008-01-16