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Multiple download portability?

From: Andreas Volz <>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 22:27:33 +0100


One more question about portability. I use the file:// protocol in some
situations to have a unique API for network and local file operations.
To download multiple files I experiment with only one thread and the
select() function. Currently I'm using Linux and don't expect any
problems. But I'm thinking forward to the Win32 port. I know that in
Win32 the select() call works only for socket, but not for plain files
on the local file system.

Could you tell me what curl does internal while using the file://
protocol. Is this a real socket which I could use with select() on
Win32 or is it in reality a file handle?

If this doesn't work on Win32, then I'll redesign my application to use
threads for multiple downloads.

Received on 2007-12-26