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libcurl does not compile in Microsoft VisualStudio 6

From: Dan Ledford <>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 11:42:40 -0400


This morning I pulled the latest libcurl daily snapshot ( from your web site.

I am trying to compile libcurl using MS VS6 (my OS is W2K Pro with SP4).

I am getting compile errors:

        file.c -- socklen_t is undefined
            The following variables are undefined -- LDAP_VENDOR_NAME and LDAP_VENDOR_VERSION
            The following data type is undefined -- BerValue

I found socklen_t defined in config-win32.h but it is surrounded by a #ifndef HAVE_WS2TCPIP_H. If I comment-out this #ifndef, then the socklen_t data type is found OK. Note that I cannot define HAVE_WS2TCPIP_H as MS VS6 does not have a ws2tcpip.h header file.

I have grepped all of the libcurl source code for LDAP_VENDOR_NAME and LDAP_VENDOR_VERSION and BerValue, but I cannot find where these variables/datatypes are defined in libcurl (thay are not in MS VS 6 either). BerValue is defined as a typedef for berval but berval is not anywhere to be found in libcurl or VS6.

Any help would be appreciated...


Dan Ledford
Received on 2007-09-28