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RE: reducing the libcurl footprint

From: Gary Maxwell <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 18:20:37 -0700

> We are using libcurl for one of our embedded applications in a PowerPC
> architecture.  We are using libcurl for HTTP alone.

> With the above options and stripping, I can get a library of size 153 KB.

> I do not know how to implement the optimizations mentioned in the thread.
> Could someone please explain me with syntax how I could include the
> following optimizations mentioned in the thread?

Even though we are still using libcurl version 7.15.3 (we're upgrading now!), our configuration is similar to yours, and on an ARM7 platform, with all optimizations enabled, and compiled for Thumb mode, we see the following footprint:

libcurl code: 43580 bytes
libcurl read-only data: 8903 bytes
libcurl read-write data: 84 bytes
libcurl zero-initialized data: 325 bytes

Obviously, this doesn't account for stack frame or heap size.

I'd first check to see if you have enabled compiler optimizations and have eliminated any compiled-in debugging overhead. Also, please let the list know any more details: specific processor, what tool chain, what libcurl release, etc.

Good luck!
Gary Maxwell
Received on 2007-09-25