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Re: Testing curl remotely

From: <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 10:57:38 +0200

 [running the test harness on a remote machine]

This is interesting. I remember an earlier discussion about how the
current test suite can't really test curl with real delays or
latencies. With Dan's change it could be feasible to run tests
between machines connected over e.g. Nistnet, where you can program in
latency, bandwidth, etc. Latency in particular could be interesting.
I've used Nistnet in the past to simulate long-latency, high-bandwidth
satellite links, for example. Worked very well and turned out to match
the real thing.


On 9/21/07, Dan Fandrich <> wrote:
> I've checked in a few changes that allow the curl test suite to run even
> on machines that either don't have perl available or (like some embedded
> devices) don't have the resources to run it. This is done by running the
> test harness on a machine that has no problem running perl and executing
> curl on the device remotely, using ssh or some other means. The files
> created by curl are either stored on a shared file system accessible to
> both machines (e.g. via NFS) or are synchronized some other way (e.g.
> rsync).
> All but a dozen or so tests succeed under this setup on a basic curl
> configured with crypto disabled. There are some comments at the beginning
> of that describes how to configure remote testing. This might
> be enough to allow testing the new OS/400 port.
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